Police to Make Arrests in Effort to End Greenpeace North Sea Action

Graphic for News Item: Police to Make Arrests in Effort to End Greenpeace North Sea Action

Police Scotland confirmed tonight that it had submitted a report to the Procurator Fiscal over concerns of criminality relating to the breach of the 500 meter exclusion zone designed to protect the Transocean installation, the Paul B Loyd Jnr.

Police Scotland are seeking to make further arrests as it attempts to bring to an end the bitter North Sea standoff between BP and the climate activist group Greenpeace.

Greenpeace have successfully halted the BP-contracted drilling rig from reaching the Vorlich field on several occasions over the last three days, using the Greenpeace vessel the Artic Sunrise vessel to block its path.

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One Greenpeace protestor even entred the water to swim into the path of the Paul B Loyd Jnr earlier today. Greenpeace posted a picture to its Twitter feed of the stunt.

Greenpeace said it had “used every possible peaceful means to stop BP drilling for more oil”.

On Sunday, Oil and Gas People reported how a Greenpeace Rib was chased out of Aberdeen harbour as it attempted to enter without permission. The craft was launched from the Greenpeace ship Artic Sunrise and made several attempts to enter the harbour with the port authority vessel blocking its path. View the video here

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Police have already made a series of arrests over perceived criminal acts by Greenpeace in the 11 day standoff.

Police Scotland said the latest attempt to bring arrests was in connection to alleged offences under the Petroleum Act 1987 following an incident near to the rig on the morning of Sunday 16 June 2019.

OGUK described Greenpeace behaviour as “dangerous” and “wholly unacceptable”.

OGUK communications director Gareth Wynn said: “What we need now is sensible and pragmatic discussion with government, other industries and wider society about how we will do it and to make the informed choices that are needed.

“Prematurely shutting down production from the North Sea only increases our reliance on imports.”

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A spokeswoman for the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said: “We are monitoring the situation and are in daily contact with BP and the Scottish Government.

“We are confident that Police Scotland are examining all options to bring the protest to a safe end.”

OGUK described Greenpeace behaviour as “dangerous” and “wholly unacceptable”.

Scottish Energy Minister Paul Wheelhouse said the Scottish Government was “keeping a watchful eye” on developments

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