Integral Drilling Pipe

The integral drill pipe is a new kind of drill pipe. This new drill pipe product perfectly integrates the advantages of the double-shoulder high torque drill pipe and Hilong’s advanced upsetting technology. It is processed and manufactured with a non-welding method.

The primary feature of the integral drill pipe is the absence of a welding seam on the entire drill pipe, so that in the usage process, a failure of the drill pipe at the welding line will not occur, improving the service life of the drill pipe, and reducing the cost of oilfield development.

Furthermore, this new model drill pipe also possesses double shoulder drill pipe high torque features. While increasing hydraulic property or reducing annular pressure loss, it can also maintain identical or higher usage performance with the API drill pipe with the same specifications. The entire internal diameter uses a streamlined design with no shoulder at the inner tool joint, featuring smooth transitions, less corrosion, and reduced chances of cement and solid particles accumulating inside the joint, which can improve pumping efficiency and capability inside the drill string; moreover, the same gauge and repair tools can be used for this drill pipe tool joint as API tool joints for inspection and repair.