Cone Bit

MD high speed motor bit: Horizontal well drilling technology is improved continuously, in which extended reach well drilling technology and multilateral well drilling technology have been developed rapidly. This new type of MD high speed motor bit has the advantages of applying for high rotary speed, strong gage protection ability and stability, high reliability, well hydraulic effect and long service life. MD high speed motor bit is suitable for drilling with rotary speed from 300 to 90 RPM, which is the ideal choice for directional well, horizontal well and horizontal multilateral well drilling.

MINI-MD cone bit for slim hole drilling applications: Increase of drilling speed in slim hole section of lower part of deep well and super-deep well is very difficult, MiniMD cone bit for slim holes has improved service life and security of bit, and decreased round trip times, therefore, realized the purpose of increasing drilling speed and decreasing drilling cost. MiniMD cone bit for slim holes is with the feature of MD high speed motor bit, and designed with special bearing seal structure and oil storage system, tooth material, cutting structure and formation lithology are matched reasonably to solve the problems of low efficiency and tooth break & fall while drilling in complex formations. MiniMD cone bit for slim holes is the ideal choice for slim-hole section drilling in deep well and super-deep well.

Super-high speed motor bit: Turbine drilling tools are used widely in Russia’s oilfield, bits run with super high speed, rotary speed of turbine which is matched with 11 5/8” and 81/ 2” bits reaches to 400rpm ~600rpm, therefore, service life of normal cone bits is about 10 hours usually. This product has roller-journal compound bearing for working situation with super high rotary speed, which matches with metal seal, in order to provide bit with high bearing reliability and long life in situation of super high rotary speed. It also has a cutting structure and extended double nozzle hydraulic structure to be suitable for drilling with super high rotary speed. SMD super-high speed motor bit matches with turbine while be used in Russia market, the stable service life of bit can reaches to more than 30 hours in the work situation of above 400 RPM. SMD super-high speed motor bit is recommended to work in high rotary speed from 250rpm to 600rpm, which is quite economical.

HF bit for hard formations: Petroleum exploration has been developed to deep formations gradually, in deep formations (compact plastic mudstone, lava and granite etc.,), low ROP restrict the economic of development in deep well or super-deep well. Failure types, such as tooth break, tooth wear, cone tip wear and bit diameter shrink etc., usually appear when conventional cone bits drill in hard formations. This product has been developed for hard formations through advanced computer 3D simulation technology and platform experiments. Results show an advantage of long service life, high reliability, fast ROP and strong gage protection ability etc.. HF series bit is the ideal choice for drilling in hard formations and strong abrasive formations effectively and safely.

SWT steel tooth bit with high efficiency: Wear resistance of teeth of conventional steel tooth cone bit is not good, tooth shape structure is lack of optimization, which leads to decrease of average ROP. SWT series steel tooth bit with high efficiency can solve these problems, with strong wear resistant teeth and fast ROP, bit can work more stably, which is more suitable for drilling in soft or middle soft formations with high rotary speed. Application of SWT series steel tooth bit with high efficiency is the best way to solve the problem of increasing drilling speed in higher part of well.

A series bit for air drilling: In hard formation with less water content, formations with serious leakage or with low pressure, in order to achieve higher drilling speed, air drilling process is usually adopted. Problems such as short service life, low ROP, weak gage protection ability etc. appear frequently for conventional cone bit in air drilling conditions.

HJ metal sealed bit with journal bearing:  HJ series bit adopts metal seal with journal bearing, which can drill stably with high rotary speed, it’s the ideal tool for drilling directional well and horizontal well. Compared with conventional rubber sealed bit, its service life can be increased by 35% with same drilling parameters.

GJ metal sealed bit with roller bearing: GJ series bit adopts metal seal with roller bearing, which can drill stably with middle to low WOB and middle to high RPM, it’s the ideal choice for higher part of well section. Insert bit can adopt carbide compacts with high efficiency such as offset crested scoop chisel compact, scoop chisel compact, wedge compact and conical compact etc.. Increase thickness of hardfacing layer and exposure height of tooth for steel tooth bit. This kind of series bit has several optional features, which can enhance the ability of applying for different drilling process and various complex formations.

HA rubber sealed bit with journal bearing: HA series bit adopts rubber seal with journal bearing, which can sustain higher WOB under normal rotary speed and is suitable for drilling in formations from very soft to middle hard by properly selecting different cutting structure.

GA rubber sealed bit with roller bearing: GA series bit adopts rubber seal with roller bearing, which is the ideal and economical tool for drilling applications where middle to low WOB and high RPM are required.

YYC Series single cone bit: Diamond enhanced carbide inserts are arranged on top of the cone of YC single cone bit to improve wear resistance for longer working life of the bit. New type of hydraulic system enhances cone and bottom hole cleaning ability to assure higher ROP of the bit. Large diameter active cutting conical-spherical inserts are used for gage protection on bit body, so that the bit has excellent gage holding and up-reaming abilities. This series of bit is suitable for slim hole drilling operations such as reentry and sidetracking operations.

SKF series floating bearing O-ring seal tri-cone bit: SKF series bit is a kind of high efficiency bit for vertical and directional drilling applications, especially suitable for these kinds of drilling applications in relatively homogenous formation with good drillability. This bit is designed with floating bearing and rubber ‘O’ ring seal, and also utilizes optimized cutting structure and enhanced gage protection technology and therefore, it can achieve longer footage and higher ROP. The best rotary speed range for SKF series bit is from 180 to 40 rpm, and the bit is the ideal choice for vertical drilling in upper sections, kick off sections in directional drilling and inclined section drilling applications.

SKH journal bearing O-ring seal bit:  KH series bit adopts journal bearing rubber O-ring seal along with more aggressive cutting structure. This bit features longer footage and higher ROP and is the ideal choice for drilling applications in upper homogenous formations.

SKG roller bearing O-ring seal bit:  SKG series bit is designed with roller bearing and rubber O-ring seal. This bit can achieve longer footage and higher ROP when drilling under medium to low WOB and high RPM.

SKW non-sealed bit: SKW series product is non-sealed roller bearing bit. This bit is suitable for surface hole drilling for every kind of wells and upper sections with good drillability. It’s advantages including low cost and high ROP, etc.