Arctic Service Drilling Pipes

Arctic service drill pipes are a drilling tool developed for application in low temperature environments in order to meet the needs of oil and gas prospecting operations in high altitude regions. Although at present there is no global standard for arctic service drill pipes, our products have been developed after researching matching and heat treatment methods for alloying elements, adopting special low temperature resistant materials, strictly controlling the S and P content and non-metal impurities in raw materials, controlling grain size, and adopting special heating processing technique methods. The product has been sold in Russia, and its mechanical properties and low temperature resistance are outlined in the table below:

Table of Mechanical Property of Arctic Service Drill Pipe

Item Grade Yield Strength(MPa) Tensile Strength(MPa)Min.
Min. Max.
Pipe Body


E-75 517 724 689
X-95 655 862 724
G-105 724 931 793
Tool Joint 827 965


Requirements on longitudinal Charpy impact energy and cross-section area of Arctic Service Drill Pipe (10mm×10mm)

Item Temperature(℃) Avg. Impact Energyfor Three SamplesAK avg(J) Impact Energyfor Single SampleAK(J) Avg. Cross-section Areafor Three SamplesSA% avg Cross-section Areafor Single SampleSA%
Pipe Body -60 ≥60 ≥48 ≥50% ≥50%
Tool Joint -60 ≥47 ≥38 ≥50 ≥50%
Welding Zone -60 ≥35 ≥27 ≥40% ≥30%