New Job in Egypt for Maersk Semi-Sub Rig

Graphic for News Item: New Job in Egypt for Maersk Semi-Sub Rig

Danish offshore drilling contractor Maersk Drilling has been awarded a contract by Edison E&P for its Maersk Discoverer drilling rig.

Maersk Drilling informed through its social media channels on Tuesday that Edison E&P had signed on its Maersk Discoverer to drill an exploration well in the North Thekah gas field located offshore Egypt.

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The contract is expected to start in the fourth quarter of this year and includes an additional one-well option, the drilling contractor added.

The 2009-built Maersk Discoverer is a DSS-21 column stabilize dynamically positioned semi-submersible drilling rig, able to operate in water depths up to 10,000ft.

According to the rig owner’s latest fleet status report, which was published in May 2019, the Maersk Discoverer is currently under contract with BP, also in Egypt. The contract with BP is set to be completed by the end of October this year.

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