Incident Claims the Lives of Two People on Shell’s Auger Platform

Graphic for News Item: Incident Claims the Lives of Two People on Shell's Auger Platform

Two people were killed and one injured on Royal Dutch Shell’s Auger platform in the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday.

The incident occurred during “a routine and mandatory test of our lifeboat launch and retrieval capabilities,” a company spokeswoman said in an emailed statement. The injured person is being treated at a hospital with a non life-threatening injury. Shell declined to give more details.

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“In the over 40 years that Shell has operated in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico we have strived, above all, to ensure our people go home safely to their loved ones,” a company spokeswoman said. “It’s devastating when they do not. We deeply regret this loss of life within our Shell family and community.”

Auger is one of Shell’s largest and most productive platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. The company nearly decommissioned it in 2010 until new technology revealed another large oil reservoir under a salt deposit, according to the company’s website. It’s located 214 mi south of New Orleans.


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