Deer Park Storage Tank Fire Should Only Have Lasted Minutes

Graphic for News Item: Deer Park Storage Tank Fire Should Only Have Lasted Minutes

*Picture of the Deer Park – ITC Terminal Company Fire, Houston area, Texas – march 2019 :

Swiss Fire Protection Research and Development AG (SFPRD) claims that it’s Pi Foam System could put out the Deer Park – ITC Terminal fire or any similar storage tank fire automatically within 3,14 minutes.

SFPRD’s technology extinguishes the toughest flames without any external energy input, water supply or human resources. But that is not all. The Pi Foam System extinguishes fires in refineries, dikes, pump stations and all other auxiliary areas as well if needed.

*Picture of SFPRD’s Pi Foam system.

You can watch the demonstration short video about the system here, where a 25 m2 storage tank – similar in diameter to the ones at ITC Terminal – extinguished under 40 seconds by SFPRD engineers.

Executive summary video:

Swiss Fire Protection Research and Development AG is building it’s sales team around the globe and is actively recruiting.

They are looking for a sales agent, an independent contractor at own accountability, to assist in the sale of the technology or to help to acquire new projects.

Successful candidates for the sales agent/independent contractor/consultant position should have extensive experience in industrial health and safety matters, as well as a network of contacts that can help us present this technology to major market players and participants.

Please provide reference letters and a short business & marketing plan attached to your application.

Send e-mail to:

Find out more on the job at Swiss Fire Protection’s linkedin page:…

You can check out SFPRD’s websites here:

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