BREAKING: Second Corona Case Removed from Elgin Field – Third Case Suspected

CHC’s Corona Copter has been called into action today to remove a second suspected Coronavirus case from the Valaris drilling rig in the Elgin field. The room mate of the individual being evacuated has also been placed into isolation after showing symptoms. Both have been classed as category C cases (someone with confirmed symptoms). The first case flown home yesterday was a category B (interaction with soeone with suspected symptoms)

Energy People tracked the chopper out to and back from the Elgin field rwhich landed at Dyce just after 15:50 today.

Total confirmed to Energy People that one worker was removed from the Elgin field but wouldn’t comment further as they were not a Total employee.

Offshore workers have been up in arms on social media at the lack of testing for suspected cases. The current protocol is for suspected cases to go home from the heliport in a company taxi and self isolate. This is leaving workers offshore concerned due to the uncertainty of whether they have been exposed or not.

Police were in attendance at CHC as the chopper landed and prevented Energy People from taking any further pictures. We observed a crew wearing hazmat suits approach the helicopter with cleaning chemicals.

The helicopter being used by CHC as the “Corona Copter” is set up with seats removed for segregation and additional PPE and cleaning precautions.

Some operators flying with Bristow have today also introduced temperature checks for anyone flyng offshore.

Source Energy People

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