Breaking CHC Helicopter Declares Emergency and Turns Around Mid Flight

A CHC S92 helicopter (G-WNSV) is currently returning to base after declaring an in-flight emergency. The helicopter was making its way to a North Sea oil field East of Shetland but has turned around mid-flight and looks to be returning to Sumburgh.

The helicopter started squawking emergency code 7700 at 11:45am.

Oil and Gas People is committed to reporting every helicopter emergency until such time as the helicopter companies keep their 2015 promises to report the cause of each incident publicly. The promises were made to the helicopter safety steering group after the Super Puma incidents. The commitment was to report via Step Change in Safety.

This is the third CHC RTB for a S92 helicopter in less than one month.

UPDATE: 12:10pm The helicopter has landed safely. If you were on the helicopter and have any information as to the reason the emergency please contact in complete confidence.

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