Breaking: Airbus H175 Helicopter Declares an Emergency

Graphic for News Item: Breaking: Airbus H175 Helicopter Declares an Emergency

A CHC Airbus H175 helicopter made an emergency landing in Aberdeen a short time ago after declaring an emergency while returning from offshore. Other aircraft were held in a circling patern over Aberdeen as the chopper came in to land at Dyce airport a little after 8.30pm.

The helicopter is of the same type as those grounded earlier in the week after a crack emerged in the horizontal stabilizer of a H175 operated by Babcock.

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Airbus has been critisised after they only advised operators to fly at a slower speed rather than grounding the fleet. Responsible helicopter operators in Aberdeen however chose to ignore the Airbus advice and ground their aircraft while checks were carried out.

More information as we get it.

If you were on the chopper or have any information you can contact our news desk in confidence:

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