Are you or could you be affected by IR35?


If you are a limited company director or contracting as self-employed, the IR35 rules will most likely affect you. Either now or most certainly at some point in the future.

In short, the IR35 rule is directing people towards a PAYE “employed” position. For many this means no benefits of running a limited company, such as lower tax via dividends or claiming expenses.

Your IR35 status should be determined by your client or agency. You should be made aware of this before accepting your contract and you should be advised whether you fall inside or outside of IR35. This will indicate whether you can use your limited company, work as self-employed or PAYE via an umbrella.

IR35 has been in place within the Public Sector since 2016. The IR35 “ Off Payroll” rule is to be extended in 2020 and at this time will also affect those working in the Private Sector.

One way to be sure that you are compliant with the IR35 rule is to give yourself an employed status. The most straight forward way of doing this is to use an Umbrella. You will be provided with a payslip and paid via PAYE.

Some Umbrellas like ourselves, do “think outside the box” and go to great lengths to legitimately and sensibly achieve a better return for you.

If you would like to discuss IR35 further and how it might affect you, contact us on 020 3817 8170, or click HERE to find out more and to request your personalised quotation.


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