Wild Well Control Taps Fugro to Enhance Subsea Capping Stack Capabilities

Graphic for News Item: Wild Well Control Taps Fugro to Enhance Subsea Capping Stack Capabilities

Wild Well Control has contracted Fugro to provide BOP intervention skids and test units for its WellCONTAINED Subsea Response Kit. The new 450/150 Mark 3 BOP intervention skids from Fugro increase both pumping capability and water depth rating for the subsea capping stack.

The Fugro systems enable full skid testing without the requirement of an ROV, the ability to interface to most work-class ROV systems and a custom designed, self-contained storage and maintenance transport container. “Deployments of the skid system to date have included full functional testing on a Fugro ROV at 3,800 meters water depth. The BOP system is depth rated to 4,000 meters,” Doug Graham, Fugro’s ROV services and tooling global director, said.

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Chris LeCompte, Wild Well’s general manager of WellCONTAINED, stated, “This new equipment supports our initiative to provide a comprehensive subsea capping and containment program for operators worldwide. We are excited that this field proven equipment enhances our kit while also supporting the increased 3,800-meter depth rating of our capping stack equipment.”

Wild Well’s containment inventory, staged in Aberdeen and Singapore, includes full subsea well intervention systems, including a subsea capping stack, debris removal shears, hardware kits for the subsea application of dispersant and inhibition fluids, and other ancillary equipment.

Source: www.worldoil.com

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