Well-Reservoir Performance Evaluation Service in Artificially Lifted Well by Special Flowjet Pump

Problem number one in artificially lifted wells is an impossibility of running Production Logging Survey while well is producing by BP, PCP, ESP pump unless there is a Y-tool or Dual-String installed as a part of well completion. Lack of data about reservoir performance, especially when oil well produces several reservoir zones commingle, has a significant negative impact on well-reservoir management, reserves development.

North Side offers the FlowJet pump service by a compact Jet pump-based tool which has a provision for wireline/slickline cable or coil tubing to run MPLT through it. FlowJet is run in hole on standard 3.5” tubing on opportunity basis like a failed BP, PCP, ESP pump replacement workover. The Production Logging Survey is performed through FlowJet in flowing mode where the FlowJet pump works as the Jet pump lifting the well during MPLT.

The FlowJet allows to perform MPLT at any opportunity, like BP, PCP, ESP pump replacement, for the reservoir performance evaluation and further reservoir optimization workover by the same workover rig. Suggested approach in most of the cases resulted in the additional oil gain at a single workover rig entry with the significant cost reduction. Thus, instead of “Like for Like” pump replacement workover an Operating Company gains additional oil along with the reservoir performance related information.

As a part of the package of Well-Reservoir Performance evaluation with FlowJet pump, North Side performs Advanced Production Logging Survey using industry known the HPT/SNL/MPLT and Spinnerless Production Profiling using Company Temperature Simulation Software. During past several years the Company gained the significant experience in horizontal and vertical oil producers and injectors of complex completions where described above technology was perfectly proven.

Spinnerless Production Profiling and SNL

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