Subsea 3D Scanning Specialists Enter Decommissioning Market with Double Contract Win

Subsea 3D scanning specialist Viewport3 is entering the decom market after securing two pre-removal scanning contracts with a combined value of £100k. Viewport3’s accuracy and ability to understand the precise details of what lies subsea has secured them the North Sea projects with two major operators.

The contract scopes will see them providing the operators with the intelligence they need to make decisions about the removal of items from the seabed, reduce ad-hoc engineering and minimize time spent offshore.

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Decom comes with many challenges, trying to determine what needs to be retrieved using out of date drawings and guesswork leads to mobilization of equipment that isn’t suitable, resulting in delays and excess expenditure with marine contractors.

Richard Drennan, one of the co-founders and directors of Viewport3, said “We have always believed in securing a better and more accurate way of handling the decom practice. It’s important to understand that small misconceptions surrounding the condition of underwater hardware can cost the industry millions of pounds, not least through significant delays and interruptions.”

“By investing in reliable scan data, we can ensure the retrieval of subsea equipment is completed successfully. There is little room for uncertainty, and we feel passionate about providing the data needed to achieve smooth running operations. Collecting 3D geometry from seabed hardware prior to launching decom operations is a must, understanding the precise details offers great benefit compared to going in blind.”

“With increased accuracy, comes increased confidence and we are looking forward to starting work on these projects before the end of the year,” Drennan said.

Viewport3 recently became members of Decom North Sea, a partnership organization working to enhance knowledge transfer and facilitate collaborative activities to deliver “innovative models” that minimize decommissioning costs, ensuring best value for taxpayers and maximizing business potential for its member companies.

John Warrender, CEO of Decom North Sea said: “We would like to welcome ViewPort3 into our community of practice and look forward to assisting one of our newest members in delivering its technology and skills to a new market. “


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