Shuttle Tanker Assists Yacht in North Sea Rescue

Graphic for News Item: Shuttle Tanker Assists Yacht in North Sea Rescue

On August 1, the shuttle tanker crew of Navion Anglia picked up a distress call from a sailing yacht in the North Sea, around 90 nautical miles East of Amble.

The Master decided immediately to deviate towards the distress position to see how to best help the sailors. He alerted the Coast Guard and was asked to provide leeway for a planned medivac as one person from the sailing yacht had suffered injuries requiring medical attention. A Coast Guard helicopter landed on the vessel’s helideck, with the yacht kept safely alongside. The rescue team evacuated the injured person on a stretcher into the sea, eventually airlifting her to the hospital. The Navion Anglia crew provided all necessary assistance throughout the rescue operation, also acting as on-scene commander.

Thanks to great seamanship and cooperation of crew and Coast Guard, the injured person is now in good care of the medical service back on land. The yacht was met by a lifeboat from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), alerted through the radio link from the Navion Anglia. Luckily, they were able to help the remaining crew, including an exhausted skipper, to get the sailboat back home. Navion Anglia has resumed her voyage to the discharge port, with a proud and relieved Master and crew onboard – proud to have been able to contribute to a successful rescue operation and relieved that the injured sailor is safe and in good hands.

Regis Rougier, Teekay Offshore Logistics’ VP of Operations, commented:” Being a sailor myself I know that this was a delicate rescue operation. I am impressed how the crew has responded to the distress call, everything was conducted perfectly.”


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