Introducing Rifai & Partners – Increase your profits and value

Rifai & Partners

A Switzerland based International Interim Management and Advisory Company is looking to help companies increase profits and drive growth.

Are you a CEO or Director under pressure to increase profit and value?

Rifai & Partners can provide as much or little input as required to grow and boost your business.

Rifai & Partners work with businesses and their leaders to increase profit and value, providing a bespoke service based on the requirements of your company. We believe it is essential that the decision makers and business leaders we work with understand and commit to reaching the same goals. One important step is to define the potential improvement targets and the key measures to be taken to achieve them. Very often this is the easier part.

How do we improve our client’s profit?

  • Advising how to develop and implement business plans
  • Helping to improve operational excellence and processes
  • Coaching including finance and strategy for small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Training on transformation and implementation of strategies
  • Supporting implementation plans and measures
  • What can we provide?
  • Interim management capacities, in-house coaching and seminars, be it one-to-one or group environments
  • Improvement programmes
  • Assistance in the development of new markets
  • Much more, we will use our skills and experience to tailor our services to cater for your requirements

Why work with us?

  • We want to work with YOU! You are essential to the process and we know that as you run the day-to-day business and know the details and challenges of this daily, working with you will yield the best results
  • Sometimes a company just needs focus and external input to achieve improvement. Rifai & Partners can be that external input.
  • We understand the challenges companies may face and that it can be challenging to support change. We will be open and clear to make the process as easy and streamlined as possible.
  • Participating in improvement programs and contributing to the success of a business is very motivating and significantly increases the loyalty from employees. This creates a sustainable base for positive development.

Rifai & Partners contact details:

It is a Swiss company specialized in interim (CFO) management and in advising corporates worldwide on profit improvement / change programs

All our partners boast an abundant management experience, successfully acquired over decades in the manufacturing or in the service sector.

Osama Rifai

Managing Partner

Tel: 0041 79 341 9348


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