Breaking: Greenpeace Protestors Climb onto North Sea Oil Platforms

Greenpeace has announced it is carrying out “peaceful protests” at Shell’s Brent field in the UK North Sea.

The group says they have climbed onto two North Sea rigs to protest against decommissioning plans.

The protesters from the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark claim to have boarded Shell’s Brent Alpha and Bravo platforms, which are no longer operational.

The environmental group oppose plans to leave parts of the rigs in the North Sea once they are decommissioned.

Joris Thijssen, director of Greenpeace Netherlands, said: “Shell’s plans are outrageous and go against international agreements to protect the sea.

“The 11,000 tons of oil that is still stored in the foundation of the platforms will sooner or later end up in the sea. That is unacceptable.

“The North Sea is not a garbage dump, Shell has to clean up its mess.”

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