Record Breaking Fast Lift of Topside Took 9 Seconds

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Record Breaking ‘Pioneering Spirit’ fast lifted lightest topside ever, 3800 T Valhall QP for AkerBP in 9 seconds

Original accommodation platform at Valhall (QP) platform removal is the first job for Allseas under the frame agreement with Aker BP and the modernization of the Valhall field centre.

Allseas said that, Pioneering Spirit has safely removed the QP accommodation platform topsides and connecting bridge from the Aker BP-operated Valhall field in the southern Norwegian North Sea. Weighing only 3800 t, the QP topsides is the lightest that Allseas’ record-breaking vessel has lifted to date.

Worlds’ renowned contractor in offshore pipeline installation, heavy lift and subsea construction ‘Allseas’ executed this single-lift operation on Friday 14 June.

It took 2 hours to complete from positioning Pioneering Spirit around the platform to the moment of the lift. The actual “fast lift” of the topsides took only 9 seconds.

Per Mikal Hauge, Vice president Valhall asset said, “Together with Allseas and the team at Pioneering Spirit, we have successfully concluded two years of engineering, planning and pre-lift preparations. The safe and efficient removal of the QP platform is an important milestone for Valhall and for Aker BP.”

In addition, the 109 t bridge connecting the QP topsides to the neighbouring drilling platform was removed using one of the vessel’s cranes on Tuesday 11 June.

Removal of the QP topsides is the first job for Pioneering Spirit under the frame agreement which Allseas signed with Aker BP in 2017 to provide transport, installation

and removal services for the Valhall oil field, Allseas added.

The QP topsides is the first of the original structures removed from the field centre as a key part of the AkerBPs’ modernising of the Valhall area. The remaining platforms at the field centre – IP, WP and PH – and the Flank platforms will produce for many, many years to come.

Successfully lift is the conclusion of two years of engineering, planning and pre-lift preparations, which ended last month with the installation of lift rigging for the bridge and cutting of the platform legs. The castellated cut shape, combined with pre-installed custom made leg restraints, prevented any possible topsides movement prior to the lift.

Furthermore, the QP topsides and bridge have since been sea-fastened on board Pioneering Spirit for transport to the Kvaerner AS disposal yard in Norway. The topsides will be transferred to a cargo barge at a sheltered location close to the yard for load-in to the quay for dismantling. The bridge, meanwhile, will be crane-lifted directly onto the quayside.

Once released, Pioneering Spirit will return to the North Sea to remove the 24,800 t Brent Bravo topsides for Shell UK.

About Valhall Complex

The Valhall complex is located approximately 280 km off the Norwegian coast and comprises six steel, bridge-connected platforms that stand in 70 m of water.

The Valhall field was discovered in 1975 and put into production in 1982 with three installations; a process / production platform, a drilling platform and an accommodation platform (QP). More recently a wellhead platform (WP) and Injection platform (IP) was installed. Lastly, production from the new process / accommodation platform (PH) started in January 2013.

Valhall and Hod have passed one billion barrels of oil equivalents (oil, gas and NGL) produced – thus more than three times what was expected at the opening of the field in 1982.

Aker BP ASA is the operator with 90.00 % interest and remaining 10.00 % belongs to Pandion Energy.

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