Clair Ridge Gets New Addition With Arrival of Safe Zephyrus

Graphic for News Item: Clair Ridge Gets New Addition With Arrival of Safe Zephyrus

Safe Zephyrus safely arrived and connected to Clair Ridge platform, West of Shetland

Prosafe stated that, GVA 3000E design offshore unit arrived on location and gangway connected on the 14th of May.

The firm duration of the contract commencing mid-May 2019 is five months with a one-month option and directly follows the completion of the Johan Sverdrup contract.

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Total value of the contract excluding the option periods is approximately USD 19 million.

Jesper Kragh Andresen, CEO of Prosafe says:“For the second year in a row Prosafe will be providing BP with a high quality vessel at Clair Ridge. The Safe Zephyrus track record of gangway connected operations is second to none since her delivery in 2016, and together with the Prosafe team represents the best the industry can offer.”

BPs’ Clair Ridge campaign was supported by Safe Caledonia in 2018.

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