Ace Winches Clinches Two of its Biggest Ever Deals

Graphic for News Item: Ace Winches Clinches Two of its Biggest Ever Deals

ACE Winches reels in Gulf of Mexico deals

ACE Winches, the global leader in the design, manufacture and hire of lifting, pulling and deploying solutions, has been awarded two major contracts in the Gulf of Mexico using their innovative linear winch pull-in systems.

The first contract was awarded by Subsea 7 for the Shell Vito project, a deep-water discovery in the Gulf on Mexico approximately 241km south of New Orleans.

The contract covers the engineering, project management, manufacture, operational personnel, installation and pull-in of a single 14″ export steel catenary riser (SCR) pipeline, a single 10.75″ export pipeline, two 10.75″ SCR production flowlines, a single 10.75” SCR gas lift flowline and the dynamic umbilical system in a water depth of 1260m(4100ft).

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The second contract award by Subsea 7 is for the BP Mad Dog Phase 2 project. This is a deep-water development located in the Southern Green Canyon area of Gulf of Mexico, approximately 320 km south of New Orleans.

ACE Winches scope of supply includes engineering, project management, manufacture, operational personnel, installation and pull-in of six catenary and three flexible risers ranging from 8”-16” and four umbilical risers to the hang-off positions on the FPU in a water depth of 1380m (4500ft).

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ACE Winches worked closely with Subsea 7 to simplify and deliver an innovative and cost-effective riser installation solution from design through to delivery for both projects.

The Scotland-based engineering and design team at ACE Winches presented conceptual ideas to deliver safe and efficient riser installation solutions.

The ACE linear winching system design has significantly reduced the winch deck footprint and deck structure loadings for riser installations. Had traditional approaches been considered, for example using a traditional drum or traction winch, the space requirements would have increased, creating additional on-board vessel production equipment infrastructure integration challenges.

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Alfie Cheyne, CEO, said: “The Shell Vito and BP Mad Dog Phase 2 projects are major contract awards for ACE Winches, contracts such as these help us sustain and develop our workforce of almost 200 people in Aberdeenshire bringing jobs and significant value to the local economy. It also highlights how our business is uniquely positioned to provide innovative solutions across our engineering, manufacturing and rental services.

“Our creative approach in challenging traditional installation methods has created value for our clients through early project concept engagement and active involvement throughout all stages of the project. This has provided a smart, revolutionary, cost-effective and safe solution on installation and start-up of both these major US Gulf projects.”


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